Amazon Goldbox RSS Feed Generator

Generate Amazon Gold Box Deals RSS feed with your Affiliate Associate tag ID

What is Amazon Gold Box

Amazon Gold Box Deals is a special list from Amazon consist of many great selected items that usually come with a big discount for very limited time. So, promoting Amazon Goldbox is a great and easy way for every Amazon affiliate member to earn big commission from their sales.

Why GoldBox RSS

The most benefit of using GoldBox RSS is that we can automatically promoting the products even if you do not have website. There are many websites and social medias such as Facebook, Twitter etc that allow us to automate share our contents through RSS feeds. You can use free service like to auto post to Twitter, Facebook etc.

What our tool can do

There are two important things the tool can do for you:

  • 1. Adding your Affiliate or Associate ID to the Goldbox RSS, so you don't have to do it manually,
  • 2. Randomizing the feed items. This is very important to make your feed more frequent updated, it will make you more share, more sales and more money.
  • How to use

    It's very easy. What you need is just enter your Associate Tag ID (e.g. goldbox-rss-20) and the Access Key, and then click "Create Feed" button. You will be redirected to the GoldBox RSS with your Associate ID. You can find your Associate Tag ID in your Amazon Affiliate account. You can use free Access Key we provide, find it under "Access Key" menu tab.

    For faster loading, the feed will be cached for 10 minutes, that means the feed will check the deals every 10 minutes.

    Access Key is required to use this tool. We provide temporary Access Key for you to use this tool for free. Free Access Key today: "FREED975B"

    If this key doesn't work, please try again the tool after 30 minutes, system will generate a new key automatically. Make sure there's NO SPACE before or after the access key and note that this access key is a temporary key and will expire in few days.

    For your convenience, subscribe the Access Key now before the price up! It's only $4 per month for monthly subscription, or get the lower price at $2 per month for yearly subcription. We will send the Access Key to your PayPal email in few hours.

    If subcribing Access Key doesn't enough, you can buy the script. Buy the script now for $24 only, buying the script will give you access to the source code. This script is licensed under AGPL3, You can host it on your server, using it for yourself, or offer the same service as we do to your users. We will send the script to your PayPal email in few hours.

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